Kube Scheduler is one of the key components of Kubernetes master. This is only responsible for deciding which pod goes on which node. It doesn’t actually place the pod on the nodes. That’s the job of kubelet.

In Kubernetes, the scheduler decides which nodes the pods are placed on depending…

In this tutorial we will discuss about most common Docker Compose commands that we can use with docker compose files.

1. docker-compose

Every docker compose command starts with this command. You can also use docker-compose <command> --help to provide additional information about arguments and implementation details.

$ docker-compose --help
Define and…

In this tutorial we will discuss about docker editions. Docker is available in 2 editions:

  1. Community Edition (CE)
  2. Enterprise Edition (EE)

1. Community Edition (CE)

Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for individual developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps. …

In this tutorial we will discuss about CMD vs ENTRYPOINT in Docker.

Some Docker commands look similar and cause confusion among developers who just started using Docker or do it irregularly. I will explain the difference between CMD and ENTRYPOINT with examples.

Real time example

Let’s start with a simple…

In this tutorial we will discuss about what is docker images how to create your own docker images.

In Docker, everything is based on Images. A Docker image is an immutable (unchangeable) file that contains the source code, libraries, dependencies, tools, and other files needed for an application to run.

In this tutorial we will discuss about Node Selectors in Kubernetes. Node Selector is one of the forms of node selection constraint.

This is a simple POD scheduling feature that allows scheduling a POD onto a node whose labels match the Node Selector labels specified by the user. …

1. docker –version

This command is used to display the version of Docker that is currently installed on the system.

$ docker --version
Docker version 19.03.13, build 4484c46d9d

2. Docker login

Before pulling/pushing any docker image from/to docker hub repository, one needs to login to the docker hub repository. …

Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Services enable communication between various components within and outside of the application. Services helps us connect applications together with other applications or users.

For example, your application has groups of PODs running various sections. Such as a group for serving a front end loads to users, another…


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